Things to Do

Visiting Horton Plains

Horton Plains is protected national park in the central highlands of sri lanka and it is covered by mountain grassland and cloud forest. This plain is at an altitude of 6,900 – 7,500 ft is rich with the bio diversity, which is situated just 20 miles from nuwaraeliya.

The Horton Plains is the head waters for three major rivers in this beautiful island. In Sinhala the plain is known as Mahawali Plain.The plains vegetation is grassland interspersed with mountain forest and include many woody plants, large herds of sri lankan Samba Deer feature as typical mammals and the park is also an important Bird watching area with many species not only endemic but also restricted to the Horton Plains. The sheer precipice of World’s End and Baker’s Falls are among the tourist attractions of the park.

Visiting Tea Factory

The humidity, cool temperature and the rain fall in the country’s central highlands provide the climate that favours the production of high quality tea. The industry was introduced to the country in the 1867 by James Tayler,the British planter who arrived in sri alnak 1852.

Visiting the Hakgala Botanical Gardens

Just few kms from the city of nuwaraeliya.This place was started as a botanical garden by a British botanist Dr.G.H.K.Thwaites who was the director of Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in the year of 1859.Intitaly they grew “sikona”which was used to produce “quiveenen” for malaria.

Visiting the Water Falls

Lover’s Leap Falls- It gives the best water in the country can visit at any time since it is close by the city.

Baker’s Falls -This water fall is located in the Horton Plains also a one of the most beautiful waterfalls in sri lanka and named after famous explorer sir James Baker.

St. clairs water fall – known as one of the widest waterfalls in the Island and the name derived from the near by Tea estate.

Devon waterfall – Named after famous coffe planter named Devon.This cascading waterfall continues with three falls and it is approximately 318ft high.

Ramboda falls – The 11th heights waterfall best in sri lanka and this place is ideal for having lunch while watching the waterfall, since surrounding area has few nice places to eat.

Visiting The Golf Course

Occasionally you may feel that you are playing Golf back in the British Isles, but the Course holds many features unique to sri lanka was built by a Scottish soldier of the Goland Highlanders for the British servicemen and officials stationed here in 1889.

Visiting the small city of Nuwaraeliya and walk in the Lake Round

The city has been really famous for buying the winter cloths at a cheap rate and people from all over the world visiting sri lanak hardly misses this place and further you can visit the vegetable market where you can see the fresh up country veggies in sri lanka and it is worth to have a walk in the Victoria Park in the city which was established in 1897 as for the jubilee of Queen Victoria in completion of sixty years on here thron, where you can experience a typical public park in England.

Visiting The Indigenous People in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka’s indigenous inhabitants The Vaddas or Wanniya-laeto (Forest Dwellers) as they call themselves preserve a direct line of descent from Island’s original Neolithic community dating from at least 16,000 BC and probably far earlier according to current scientific opinion.

In the course of history, uncounted thousands of these original inhabitants of the wanni (dry monsoon forest) have been more or less absorbed in to the mainstream Sinhala society.

Today only a few remaining wanniya-laeto still manage to preserve their cultural identity and traditional lifestyle despite relentless pressure from the surrounding dominant society. therefore visiting them is a life time experience for any visitor.

Visiting The Lipton’s Seat

This was the famous look out point of Sir Thomas Lipton (A Great planter) when developing the Tea in the surrounding region of his Tea plantation at dambethanna.